All persons dealing or engaged in the art of library and information work or any related field are eligible for membership. The members Tanzania Library Association (TLA) therefore are classified as follows:

1) Chartered Member
Chartered members comprise trained library personnel qualified to practice as librarians as defined by the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations such as:

(a) Librarian
A librarian  having a minimum qualification of a bachelor's Degree in library and information studies/science or its equivalent

(b) Professional Librarian
A professional librarian has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in/library and information studies and more than three years of library work experience.

(c) Fellow
A fellow of the Association is a professional librarian with a minimum of a Masters's degree and more than seven years of library work experience. Fellowship shall be conducted by a panel of five fellows appointed by the Association.

2) Ordinary Member
This category comprises library assistants, other library personnel, and any interested party.

3) Non-Tanzanians (individual and corporate bodies) can only apply for Ordinary Membership status and are not allowed to stand for leadership positions.

4) Institutional Member
This category comprises libraries of Government Departments, private and public bodies, corporate organizations, and other institutions interested in the development of libraries and information services.