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The is managed by the following principal officers and organs:
1) Patron

The Patron is Guardian of the Association  providing a backing and surety in procuring  pecuniary and other forms of assistance.

2) Chairperson

 The Chairperson is the Chief Executive Officer and the Spokesperson of the Association, chairing the Executive Committee, Governing Council, Special and Extra – ordinary and Annual General Meeting. 

3) Governing Council

The Governing Council is charged with the following function:

  • Carryout faithfully the objectives and function of the Association.
  • Act as an advisory organ of the Council and the Annual General Meeting
  • Advising on proper management of funds and properties of the Association
  • Prepare or cause to be prepared annual accounts for presentation before the Annual General Meeting.
  • Carryout the decisions/deliberations of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Establish programmes appropriate to further the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • Hire/recruit any member or other personnel for the purpose of giving effect the function of the Association.
  • Liaise/Consult with members and committees of the Association on all important matters due for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

4) Executive Committee

 The Executive Committee consist of :

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretary General
  • Secretary of Education, Professionalism and Ethics Department
  • Secretary of Publication, Research and Development Department
  • Secretary of Sectoral Libraries Department
  • Secretary of Planning, Administration and Finance Department
  • Secretary of Regional Branches Department


The powers of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • Together with the National Office personnel, execute the day-to-day activities of the Association as mandated by the Governing Council.
  • To deal with urgent matters arising that cannot wait for a Governing Council meeting.

5). Committees
The Association shall have the following committees on:

  • Education, Professionalism and Ethics
  • Publication, Research and Developmen
  • Sectoral Libraries and Information Units
  • Planning, Administration and Finance
  • Regional Branches

News and Events

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Invitation to Attend a Training Workshop and 2021 TLA Annual General Meeting.

The Tanzania Library Association (TLA) has organized a training workshop and Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled from 24th to 26th February 2021 in Musoma. I am pleased to… Read More Text
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