About Us

Our Association has the following main objectives:

* To unite all persons working in or interested in library work, by convening conferences and meetings for the discussions of matters affecting libraries – their regulations, management or otherwise

* To encourage the promotion, establishment and improvement of libraries and library services in the United Republic of Tanzania

* To promote and encourage bibliographical study and research

* To improve the standard of librarianship and the status of the library profession in the United Republic of Tanzania

* To watch any legislation affecting libraries, and to assist the promotion of such further legislation as may be considered necessary for the regulation and management or extension of library services in the United Republic of Tanzania

* To collect, collate, and publish (as journals, transactions, bulletins), information of benefit to members of the Association, or for the promotion of the objectives of the Association

* To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the fulfillment of the above objectives

In pursuing the objectives, the Association performs the following activities:

* Workshops

* Short courses

* Film programmes

* Short talks

* International conferences participation

* Publication of Matukio Newsletter and Someni Journal

* Online discussions and collaboration

* Information dissemination

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